Happy Moment with Kung Fu Panda in Macau

Last week I went to Macau with my two lovely daughters, who also known as “Salad” and “Mixed Fruit”. As some of you may have already known, we are closely related to Macau. So … where do we normally stay in Macau? We like to experience different luxury hotels, and enjoy different specialties of haute cuisine. In this Summer, Sands Cotai Central introduced a Kung Fu Panda Summer Package*, including admission to Kung Fu Panda Academy. This is an event that Salad and Mixed Fruit had longed for. Us three decided to take a 2-day-1-night tour to Sands Cotai Central, and join the adventure to save the panda village.

Day One

We took a high-speed ferry, Cotai Water Jet, from Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) to Macau (Taipa). Upon arrival at Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal, we immediately went to Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel by car. On our way to the hotel, Mixed Fruit kept asking me, “Have we arrived yet? I want to see Kung Fu Panda !” No rush. The hotel is only 10-min away from Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal.


 Getting Ready at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal


 Go ! Sail for Macau !

 Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel – Family Suite

We upgraded our Deluxe Room to Family Suite in this trip.   What’s Family Suite about? The size was about 893 square feet, equivalent to 83 square meters, featuring a child-themed room with bunk beds. Salad and Mixed Fruit were very happy and enthusiastic about the fixtures and fittings the child-themed room, which was decorated with Kung Fu Panda. Among all, the bunk bed alongside a 5-step stair is what Salad and Mixed Fruit liked the most. They walked up and down for so many times; and discussed who would sleep on the top bunk. Funny?


 Spacious Main Room


Child-themed Room featuring Kung Fu Panda


Salad and Mixed Fruit ran to the bunk bed


Salad and Mixed Fruit loved the bunk bed. What were they talking about on the top bunk?


Table for Kids


A lot of Kung Fu Panda drawing on the wall


The room was filled up with child-friendly decor


Our room faced a swimming pool. Unfortunately, we did not have sufficient time to enjoy the pool in this trip. Will definitely do upon our next visit.


The kids’ toilet was full of Kung Fu Panda


The hotel provided kids bathrobes

Let me show you all around, and provide an insight of the Family Suite.

The Family Suite also had a Xbox console and a DVD player

Salad and Mixed Fruit took a photo of their mood.


Dinner @ “feast”

Having played inside the room, we went to have our buffet dinner at “feast”. The buffet had a variety of seafood including crabs, prawns, clams, oysters, etc. In addition to seafood, the restaurant also provided some Portuguese dishes. Although we normally had Portuguese food in Macau, Portuguese cuisine was still on my wish list in the buffet dinner. Among all, dessert was definitely my daughters’ favorite. 「feast」had a lot of different desserts, including Häagen–Dazs ice-cream and ice pop. Moreover, there was a balloon twister, who made uncommon balloon models. I saw a kid putting a balloon helmet on his head. Awesome !!




Stunning balloon models. Salad wanted a balloon umbrella. Mixed Fruit wanted a balloon rose.


Ample seafood


Oysters. Yummy!


Steamed crabs. Atracting?


… and the candies that Salad and Mixed Fruit had been waiting for

After dinner, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll inside Sands Cotai Central. We saw a lot of Kung Fu Panda; Salad and Mixed Fruit kept taking photos of Kung Fu Panda. I liked the location where Sands Cotai Central situated; and there was a bridge connecting The Venetian Macao. On our way back to the hotel, we saw The Parisian Macao, which is set to be unveiled in September 2016.


Where was she looking at?


Prior to meeting Kung Fu Panda, they could only take photos of the Ku Fung Panda mascots at home.


Salad and Mixed Fruit liked the Kung Fu Panda décor very much.


Pretending to be a Kung Fu Panda


“I am Shrek.”


Wow! La Tour Eiffel!


Pretending to be an artist

Upon returning to the hotel, my daughters were still filled up with energy. They even wanted to turn on, and played, Microsoft Xbox. However, I reminded them that they would need to wake up early on the next day. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to have breakfast with Kung Fu Panda. No doubt, “Kung Fu Panda” were magic words to make them sleep.

Day Two

Po’s Kung Fu Feast, Character Breakfast with the DreamWorks All-Stars

It felt like the activites were non-stop on the second day. We arrived 「Po’s Kung Fu Feast」at 9 o’clock in the morning. The restaurant was very big with incredible array of food putting on each side. Some food was served in the theme of Kung Fu Panda, including noodles, buns, etc. In terms of the environment, there was a stage setup in the middle. Staff advised that there would be a performance at 9:30 am. Prior to the performance, we spent some times to enjoy the pictures of DreamWorks All-Stars hanging on the wall.


Po’s Kung Fu Feast


The area was so large with a stage in the middle. Two sides were decorated.


It felt like we had gone to a party.


A lot of colorful pictures on the wall


So cute. Salad and Mixed Fruit also admired.


An incredible array of food


We were so hungry. Time to get and eat.


There were sourveirs for sale in the area.


Salad and Mixed Fruit wanted to take one home !


A long-awaited show

The show began with the greeting by a presenter host, followed by a performance that combines singing and dancing by different characters. These characters even came down the stage and had interactive games with kids. Salad and Mixed Fruit stared at the performance, and danced along with the music’s rhythm. It’s so funny!








Tigress taught kids about Kung Fu


Kung Fu Panda finally came out!


Mixed Fruit was into the performance, and danced. Let’s look at the video below.

Staff arranged a photo session after the performance, and let us taking photos with the characters. Some characters came down the stage while the other stood on the stage. As soon as Mixed Fruit saw Kung Fu Panda, she requested to take a photo with the Panda. She had never had such request in the past given she was scared of large, or male, costume characters. I guess it’s because Kung Fu Panda had a cute appearance, and broke the ice when the costumed characters performed on the stage. Subsequently, she was willing to take photos with most of the costumed characters. In terms of arrangement, the photo session was excellent and was completed orderly.


Taking a photo with Kung Fu Panda and Tigress. See how excited Salad and Mixed Fruit were!


The Penguins of Madagascar




Puss in Boots


Shrek is so … large!


Lion Alex

Kung Fu Panda Academy

“Hurry up, hurry up,” said Salad and Mixed Fruit. They had been expecting for Kung Fu Panda Academy. Prior to passing through the main door, they took photo with different styles of Kung Fu Panda. There were many kids on that day. Perhaps, it’s summer time.


A confident pose


The wall outside Kung Fu Panda Academy was stunning. How about inside?


So cute!


Ticket office


Time, admission fee, etc.

Split into two teams. Prior to learning kung fu, kids did some paintings for Kung Fu Panda. As everyone knows, pandas are black and white. However, Mixed Fruit thought out of the box, and turned Kung Fu Panda into a colorful mammal. Kids could then put the picture under a tablet, and the 2D panda picture turned into a full 3D animated carton on the screen in seconds. Salad and Mixed Fruit felt amazing !


They were focusing on painting


Kung Fu Panda pictures … Chinese style.


They were fully into selfie.


This’s an amazing app, which turned their 2D drawing into a 3D animated carton.


See that? It’s 3D!


Salad said that it was amazing !


By Salad


Completed. Let’s get into Kung Fu Panda Academy.


Every kid was assigned with a task!


Salad and Mixed Fruit were carefully listening to the explanation.

Zone 1: Choose Your Kung Fu Style

Salad and Mixed Fruit became two little pandas, and created their own masks. They even created a mask for me.


Kung Fu Style Mask


Let’s put them together


Panda’s eyes. Here you go.


I’m a panda now!


Two more.

Zone 2: Help your friends restore their Chi

There were 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard. Kids could select an appropriate level, which met their abilities. Salad and Mixed Fruit concentrated on putting pieces together, and arrived at the correct solution of the puzzle. They kept challenging themselves. That’s the spirit of kung fu; Salad and Mixed Fruit had a sense of success after accomplishing a mission.



Restore Chi


They chose the most difficult level


Nothing could stop us.


Close to success! Come on!


Completed. So happy!

Zone 3: Free your family and Learn Lesson from your Elders

Zone 3 was exciting. Not only did kids need to play, parents were also involved. In the game, parents were caught; and kids needed to use wisdom and agility to save their parents. Salad and Mixed Fruit were no exception. They saved me in seconds.


A game of wisdom and agility


I got caught. “Salad and Mixed Fruit, save me !”


Every kid tried their best effort to save their parents.


“Remember not to touch them”


Kids’ agility were absolutely good.

 “See how much efforts Salad and Mixed Fruit used?”

Subsequently, the kids got caught; and it’s parents who needed to save the kids. Not easy though. I spent a lot of energies in the game.


“Help! Help!” said Salad and Mixed Fruit


I’ll try my best to save you two!

Zone 4: Fight your way to the Panda Village

The kids encountered another problem. Salad and Mixed Fruit cooperated with other kids, and turned buns into weapons, which were used to attach zombies.


Crack shot


Buns were ready for the attack of zombies


Let’s see how well Salad and Mixed Fruit could achieve.

Zone 5: Show Down with Kai

Finally, parents and kids formed an alliance, released positive energies, and beat the enemies.


Show Down with Kai


Parents and kids were ready to fight against enemies.


Step, step, step. We finally had the power to beat the enemies.

Yeah! Apprenticeship was completed. We could meet Kung Fu Panda. All apprentices put on kung fu uniform, and took a photo with the master. Salad and Mixed Fruit were so excited. Did you see Salad’s pose?



Salad was helping her sister to put on kung fu uniform


Salad and Mixed Fruit were looking forward to meet Kung Fu Panda.


Coming out!


It’s big, but cute. No wonder Mixed Fruit did not scare.


The scene was so funny.


Salad posed for meeting the master.


Loved Kung Fu Panda so much!

After completing an apprenticeship, kids received gifts including a Kung Fu Panda ID holder, chopsticks, a notepad, a folder and a fan. Salad and Mixed Fruit considered them as treasure, and did not let me touching them.


Gifts from Kung Fu Panda Academy

 Lunch @”Bene”

Salad and Mixed Fruit felt hungry after practicing kung fu. We went to an Italian restaurant “Bene” inside the hotel for lunch. The restaurant was nice and cosy, and featured special lunch menu. We chose Milan-style beef with fries, which came with an appetizer buffet and Italian desserts. Most of the food were Italian style, including pizza, Italian soup, Tiramisu, etc.


Italian restaurant Bene


Lunch menu


Bene’s eniviornment


Selected appetizers


Desserts were delicious. I forgot to take photo of the desserts.


Main course had not come yet. Let’s eat pizza first.


Main course had come. Salad was so happy. Yummy!

Shopping Time

Having played with them for half day, it was about the right time for me to do some shopping. There were a lot of shops inside Sands Cotai Central. In addition to adults’ fashion, I also liked to visit Kid’s Cavern, which was located on level 3. Kid’s Cavern had a lot of clothes and shoes as well as a variety of toys. Some of them had never been seen in Hong Kong. No wonder Salad and Mixed Fruit did not want to leave!


Kid’s Cavern – Must go if you had kids

Planet (Magic Stone Kingdom) was opened opposite to Kid’s Cavern. The kingdom looked interesting. However, we did not have time to play. Remark: staff said that kids aged 4 or above could enter the kingdom.


Planet (Magic Stone Kingdom)


We would definitely come next time


Salad and Mixed Fruit missed Kung Fu Panda so much. I knew there would be a parade at 4:00 pm inside the shopping mall, and therefore, took them over there to watch. We could hear the music from a remote distance. Salad and Mixed Fruit followed the rhythm and danced. First, they saw Shrek, followed by Kung Fu Panda. They were so cute. The parade came to the end shortly, and it was time for Salad and Mixed Fruit to leave.


 Shrek and his wife.


Kung Fu Panda danced.


Madagascar came out.


Kids danced hilariously.

Finally, we left the hotel around 5:00, and headed to the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal. Salad and Mixed Fruit slept peacefully on the vessel. Did they dream about Kung Fu Panda?


Took a photo with Kung Fu Panda before leaving, Say Goodbye!


Back to Hong Kong! Salad and Mixed Fruit were so pleased about this trip!

We successfully finished this wonderful trip with satisfaction. In fact, it was not too difficult to travel with two minors. First, Macau is a place that I am familiar with. Second, Sands Cotai Central is fully equipped with entertainment and dining facilities. Third, the activites in this trip are suitable for my daughters’ age. They knew DreamWorks All-Stars, and were fully into the activities. Most importantly, the child-themed room left a fantastic memory and experience to Salad and Mixed Fruit. “Kung Fu Fighting, ~” sang Salad and Mixed Fruit. They were looking forward to visiting Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel and Kung Fu Panda again.

* Kung Fu Panda Summer Package

Rates from HKD1,398++ per night

1) Accomodation in a Deluxe Room (Upgrade to Family Suite at HK$950)

2) Daily buffet breakfast# or lunch for two (#Upgrade to a wild Feast at HK$100)

3) Your choice of:

  • MOP200 hotel voucher or;
  • One-way CotaiJet ferry tickets for two to Hong Kong

4) One Kung Fu Panda Academy ticket

5) Free in-room Wi-Fi

6) For two nights consecutive stays, enjoy a Palms Afternoon Tea set for two per stay.

Address: Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macau

Telephone: (853) 2880 2000

Website: www.sheratongrandmacao.com


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.10.25 AM

Source: www.sheratongrandmacao.com/local-area

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